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Botkier Skeleton Big Drawstring Bag

For some reason when I was little I used to love drawing skeletons. I am sure one reason was because it was easy for me to do some bones and for another reason I loved Halloween. I wore the same outfit for countless years; a black full body outfit with glow in the dark skeleton outline. I loved that outfit. Now that I think about it,
wholesale christian louboutin, the shirt could still be really cute with jeans. Yes, I am that crazy. Botkier has caught onto my love of skeletons to design an interesting bag. The Botkier Skeleton Big Drawstring Bag shows off its individuality with its vertical leather straps, aka the skeleton bones, which wrap around the green soft Italian leather body. Showing off the skeleton straps are gold metal studs and adding a special touch is the drawstring top closure. On the front of the bag,
authentic christian louboutin, there are two hidden pockets and on the sides there are patch pockets. On the inside you will find textile lining with a portable mirror and inside zipped pocket. Seemingly large,
christian louboutin leopard, 18″ x 13.5″ x 5″, this bag is available before Halloween ever comes close at eLuxury for $645.

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Fashion Week 2009: Marc Jacobs Ready to Wear

I worship at the altar of Marc Jacobs. Unabashedly. I am unashamed to think that he is possibly the greatest fashion mind of our generation and admit that I’d wear pretty much anything he put his stamp of approval upon. I love him as a character I love all the fabulous younger men he dates, all the crazy things he does to his hair, and the fact that he has taken to wearing man-skirts and combat boots. So presented after the jump is Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear:

And I also love that instead of doing a scaled-back, dour collection to be respectful of the doom-and-gloom economic climate, he did a 60-look, over-the-top love letter to 1980s New York. It was glittery and grimy, mismatched and neon, much like the city itself in Jacobs’ heyday of clubbing and excess. There were shiny party dresses with voluminous, knee-length skirts, pleated jeans and pants with tapered legs, and sculpted, layered frocks in bright colors and black. The models’ hair and makeup looked like it was out of a New Wave music video in the infant days of MTV, and like DVF, Jacobs also managed to convince me that I need some patterned leggings in my life. Except I like his way better. What he did is so brilliant that it would be a shame to break it up into sections and comment on it separately,
christian louboutin in new york, so this post is going to be a bit different from the rest of my Fashion Week reports. The collection is a complete,
christian louboutin wedding heels, self-contained statement about an era and a city that are long gone,
christian louboutin peep toe pumps, and it was done with such clarity that you certainly don’t need me to walk you through it.

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christian louboutin ankle boots. by Gwen Stefani Hella Hobo

These days you can not call yourself a successful female spotlight celeb without getting your name out in a way other than in your usual line of work. For attention whoring sl*ts like Paris Hilton periodic leaks of dubious smut tapes and Sidekick hackin’ does the job, while other femmes rely on sporting their own fashion or fragrances.

Gwen Stefani, sexy lead singer from No Doubt contracted Le Sport Sac in ’04 to release her line of stylish handbags (along with other fashionable clothing articles that we don’t care about). The L.A.M.B. Series II bags promptly sold out everywhere,
christian louboutin leopard print shoes, the contract ran out and turned the limited ed handbags just as quickly into rare collectibles.

The large Hella Hobo Mega Lamb bag was one of the more successful ones. Even media starlett Paris herself was spotted wearing the hobo in public. The bag features a large inside zip compartment,
christian louboutin shoes canada, the interior is fully lined in red canvas fabric and features a L.A.M.B. signature stitched on tag, and a detachable signature silver-metal L.A.M.B. charm is included. Unfortunately,
buy christian louboutin shoes cheap, it’s quite the task getting your hands on one of them these days,
christian louboutin duvette, you may be lucky on Ebay.

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Michael Kors Skorpios Pleated Crescent Hobo

As I mentioned last week, finally, oh finally,
christian louboutin sparkle, the retail stores are stocking their shelves with all sorts of amazing new handbags. My must-have bag of the day has to be the Michael Kors Skorpios Pleated Crescent Hobo. I’d like to even say that it could be my bag pick of the week,
christian louboutin rosella, but seeing as though it is Monday, I don’t want to jump the gun yet.

All I do know is that this bag is a staple, a must-have,
christian louboutin blue suede pumps, a classic.

For being a girl who loves simple, understated elegance it might seem a little odd that I only own one black handbag. To me, black handbags are like little black dresses, you might have one you use more than another, but you can never have enough.

I’ve been in the market for a new black bag for quite some time now and I’ve already put this bag on my list. It was the pleated body that initially caught my attention. But, it was the single braided shoulder strap and goldtone hardware that locked me in. The dimensions are pretty nice too: 16″W X 11″H X 3½D and 11″ drop. Of course, there is plenty of room, but at the same time, the bag isn’t overwhelming. In fact, even if you are a petite woman, this bag won’t overwhelm you. Buy through Saks for $795.

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